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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why To Start This Blog

Why would i start this blog? The reason is that i dont get along with my family alot of times and i just need to vent about stuff that happens at home.... im the oldest out of all of the kids even step... it goes Me, Shawn, Chloe, Bre, Katie, and Kyler.... their is also mom and bob. Bre dont live with us so thats okay its just the other ones... one small house one bathroom to top it off...and each of us finally are own rooms after converting the basment into the bebrooms. The thing is no body has privacy even the bebroom doors dont stop them from going into each others rooms or the bathroom while your taking a shower!!!! Yes i know horrible.... You dont even want to know about the smack downs in the house... we get dragged out to the yard and we duke it out... Yes an all out fist swinging picking up sticks and METAL FLAGPOLES hitting each other with it... it hurts once in a while...Even if it fills good to win....

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